vitamin c

Vitamin C Night Care Cream.
Ascorbic Acid, known also as Vitamin C, is the most famous antioxidant around the world. It is the vital compound the skin needs to function properly. This water-soluble vitamin is a must for a healthy skin as it has an important role in Collagen synthesis and also the synthesis of proteins and lipids. It also helps in the formation of Vitamin E that is needed for a healthy and soft skin.
Vitamin C also acts as a gradual exfoliative agent, repairing and rejuvenating damaged tissues, which results in unifying the skin color, removing unwanted skin spots and discoloration. Vitamin C keeps the subdermal connective tissue healthy as it enhances the elasticity of the blood vessels in the skin.
Human body cannot synthesize Ascorbic acid and cannot store it for long periods of time and that is why this special formula was developed to provide your skin with a constant supply of Vitamin C and its benefits from antiaging, color uniformity and skin cell revitalization, to soft and healthy skin.

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