Coenzyme Q10

Face Care Cream Coenzyme Q10 for all day use.
Rich in Coenzyme Q10, which is an enzyme naturally produced in your body that prevents oxidative reactions inside your cells that lead to skin damage and premature aging, and thus is considered to be the main antioxidant factor in all body cells. Coenzyme Q10 production decreases gradually as the body ages. Skin is the most part of the body facing the exterior damaging factors such as sunlight, air, heat, cold...etc. and that leads to skin fatigue.  Because of this, we developed this formula to support the fatigued skin cells with its need of Coenzyme Q10 to help them regain their youth and protect them from oxidative stress. Coenzyme Q10 also helps the skin cells synthesize Collagen that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face area, also to synthesize Elastin that is responsible for giving the skin a flexible and elastic texture and helping the skin to recover quickly from any damage. That leads to a firm skin, free from sagging. There is no longer a need to go through aesthetic operations or golden-thread procedures as long as you are using this special formula because you will have the perfect skin texture that give you beauty and high self-esteem.

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