About us

ese Cosmetics and Chemicals is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of semi-solid preparations for cosmetic, health and medicinal purposes. Established in 2011, ese Cosmetics and Chemicals has been working on developing state-of-the-art cosmetic preparations. Thanks to their emerging laboratories and creative staff led by Dr. Naji Turkmani, a well-known figure around the world in scientific research and development. It is realized to us that the sustainable and active growth of this enterprise is based on investing in employee knowledge, launching new innovative products and developing the right strategy. ese Cosmetics and Chemicals takes advantage of its strong expansion plan by focusing on the development and production of semi-solid preparations for cosmetic, health and medicinal purposes, and natural supplements. We pride ourselves on having a world-class laboratory, equipped with advanced and sophisticated devices, giving our creative team a chance to develop world-class products according to European and American standards and pharmacopeia’s, and earn approval by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In 2018, the facility has undergone a total upgrade to match our ambition to become a world-leader in semi-solid cosmetic and medical preparations.



To be a world leader in semi-solid preparation for medicinal, beauty and care products in the next 10 years.



Delivering our products healthy, natural and high quality through innovation and excellence to achieve our customers’ expectations.



• Efficiency

• Excellence

• Integrity

• Liability

These values serve as the basis for all ese works to help them achieve success. We truly believe that our values are our identity, and we strive to have that meaning present in our work.



We have created our brands to suit our premium and effective products, we also have several contract-manufactured products that are not in any way less prominent and innovative.


Rochiley in 2018, we acquired the world famous brand rochiley and made it exclusive for ese Chemicals and Cosmetics. This brand contains our high quality natural skin care products.

MaxBright our special brand that embodies the connection between beauty and medicinal effect made with quality and innovation. Thanks to our GMP policy, MaxBright products are manufactured according to global top-standards.



The following is just a short list of the wide spectrum of special and high quality products made by ese Cosmetics and Chemicals:


Face Serums: Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic, Allantoin, Coenzyme Q10, Retinol  

Face Creams:   Hyaluronic   Aloe Vera   Allantoin   Coenzyme Q10   Propolis   Shea Butter   Retinol - Vit A   Collagen   BEE Pollen   Vitamin C   ​ 

Hair Serums; Argan oil   Anti-Frizz   Crystal   Creatine   Harsh Hair   Dyed Hair   Beard Serum


Breast Lifting, Hip lifting up, Botox Anti-Wrinkle, Sun screen, Anti-cellulite, Anti freckles   Under-eye, Sensitive area whitening, Foaming Facial Cleansers.  Micellar Cleansing water    ​


SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT PREPARATIONS: Male/Female Stimulating Gel, Intimate Lubricant, Pleasure-enhancement Gel, ​Ejaculation-delay Gel. 

MEDICAL TOPICAL PREPARATIONS: Creams, Ointments, Gels, Solutions + a wide range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for different uses.



At ese Cosmetics and Chemicals, production is as important as R&D in our unique laboratories. The production process takes place according to world-class standards following strict regulations and all-the-time monitored on schedule to always deliver with quality and quantity on time.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Pharmaceutical forms: ointment, cream, gel, soap and lotion.

  • Completely automated and monitored process; combo heating system, predefined recipes, in-line reports, electronic archive.
  • Filling in line with the packaging process
  • Standard bulk size: 200.0 - 1000.0 kg • Batch size: 5,000 - 30,000 pcs
  • Daily Production Capacity: 100,000+ pcs

Packaging Presentations and Formats Filling volume:

15 - 5000 ml Tube diameter, Tube length: According to product requirements Secondary packaging: Available, According to product requirements Equipment Capabilities Mixers, double-insulated tanks -1200 L, Turbo-Homogenizers 100 – 1000 L. Integrated weighing system. Tube filling and packaging (in-line, separate), capacity up to 3,000 packs per hour, temperature controlled, different closing modes, Sticker/Label rolling machine, LASER-printing of variable data Production Environment Bulk preparation and filling process. (Class C GMP). Total area 250 m2; Class D/C 40 m2



In order to keep up with the on-going growth of the company, ese Cosmetics and Chemicals has a team of distinguished chemical, pharmaceutical and health experts, as well as an experienced Marketing team lead by Knowledgeable business development experts. Our staff is headed by a group of experts with a long and deep experience in their fields leading to a strong and efficient management.

  • Dr. Naji Turkmani CEO / Chief Chemist / Production Manager
  • Dr. Faisal Al-Hamad Director of Marketing
  • Mr. Amro Salmi Development and design manager
  • Dr. Yasser Saeed Production senior / Pharmacist
  • Dr. Marwan Abu Oudeh Marketing senior / Pharmacist



Thanks to the innovative upgrade to the new facility in 2018, ese Cosmetics and Chemicals is now ranked among the leading manufacturers of semi-solid skin care and medicinal preparations in the Turkey and the rest of the region, and has acquired a number of Turkish awards as well as world-class certificates that guarantee the quality of its production. These certificates are as follows:  

• ISO 9001:2015

• ISO 14001:2015

• ISO 45001:2018

• ISO 22000:2018

• ISO 22716:2013 - GMP



Our vision for the future is ​ese Cosmetics and Chemicals​ becoming a world leader in employing science and research to serve humanity through providing the world's top organic and herbal pharmaceutical, medicinal and cosmetic products to the world for a healthier and better life. ese Cosmetics and Chemicals does not only have future plans for its manufacturing sites and laboratories, but we also have humanity's best interest at heart.