Rochiley Derma

Anti Wrinkle

The premium product from the Rochley collection. It is not just an anti-wrinkle formula, but an anti-aging complex. This advanced formula should not be used as a fashionable complementary show-off, it is a must-use preparation, because it provides the skin with the necessary protection from premature aging.
Thanks to the accuracy of its active ingredients, which have been proven to be highly effective and specialized in re-filling the facial skin, especially the signs of aging on the cheeks, forehead and other facial expression lines, to appear young and supple. What’s interesting in this formula is that it’s rich in natural oils Hyaluronic acid and vitamins intended to treat the damage, and not just excessively stimulate the skin to show a temporarily effect. It also aims to repair and restore damaged structures of the skin and eliminate harmful and inert substances, turning them into new and useful materials.

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