Retinol-vit A

Retinol-Vitamin A Night Care Cream.
Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, it has a plethora of benefits to skin. Some call it the Beauty Vitamin, other call it the skin filler. Retinol is the most powerful catalyst for natural Collagen synthesis in the skin. That’s why Retinol cream fights wrinkles and fine lines effectively. Retinol also gently peels the skin, polishing it into a diamond-like smooth texture. Retinol is not only a natural antioxidant, but it also creates a natural barrier around tissues preventing water loss from the skin. It also protects your skin through enhancing blood circulation of the dermal tissues. And that is why this cream gives you a royally vibrant and moist skin.
Besides Retinol, this formula contains Panthenol, known for its repair effect on skin warts and its soothing action on the skin. As a result, all ingredients in this formula work in tandem to purify, refresh, and protect your skin.

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