Allantoin Face Care Cream. Quality Care Cream for day use from our unique collection.
Allantoin is considered one of the latest and most important substances used in skin care products. Allantoin has an outstanding ability moisturize the skin and increasing the extracellular water content, leading to skin cells living longer and staying young, thus protecting it from premature aging. Allantoin is also doesn’t cause any dermal irritation, making it one of the most preferred active ingredients used in skin care creams, especially for dry and sensitive skin. It also acts as a gentle exfoliation agent for the skin keratin layer. Allantoin is also known for its ability to narrow and soften the skin pores.
The presence of nourishing Almond oil as a complementary agent in this cream gives your skin an enhance effect to nourishing, moisturizing, and gentle exfoliation, as well as narrowing the skin pores. As a result, Allantoin Quality Care Cream gives your skin a unique radiance, freshness, and a smooth baby skin.


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