Benefits of pollen for the skin

Pollen  Pollen is the powder found in flowers, which is attached to the hair on the bee body, and is distinguished by its contain of many nutrients necessary for the human body, which provides him with many health benefits, except for the aesthetic benefits of hair and skin. Benefits of face pollen Eliminate the signs of premature aging that appear on the wrinkles and outlines, as these pills contain a high percentage of collagen. Skin peeling, thus eliminating dead cells. Smoothing the face, increasing its youthfulness. Maintaining healthy skin, by giving it the necessary nutrients, the most important of which are vitamins, salts, and calcium. Get rid of acne, and its effects. Treating skin burns caused by harmful sunlight. Get rid of blackheads that appear heavily on the nose. Face whitening, get rid of dark spots, and melasma. Remove dark circles that appear under the eyes

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