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What is cellulite and how to treat it?

Cellulite is a major problem that women around the world experience with different ages, which occurs as a result of several factors that differ from one person to another. Cellulite can appear in several areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, chest, and arms. Cellulite is one of the most common problems affecting skin appearance and beauty, which may cause distress and sometimes depression for some. What is cellulite Cellulite is a wrinkle in the shape of the skin that does not appear naturally stretched, as subcutaneous fat appears unevenly as a result of its pressure on the connective tissues under the skin, thus cellulite is formed. Cellulite is a first-class aesthetic problem and does not express any health problem, and does not represent a harm in itself to the human body. People who suffer from obesity and obesity are not only affected by cellulite, so those with good weights can also suffer from it, as it does not necessarily arise in obesity, but the rate of its appearance among large weights is greater than between good weights, and trying to lose weight can help reduce cellulite . Cellulite also does not express flabs often, because flaccid often occurs after weight loss and not to increase the percentage of subcutaneous fat. A very large percentage of women around the world suffer from cellulite, but that does not mean that men do not suffer from it, even if its prevalence is low among them.  Causes of cellulite There are many, many causes that lead to the emergence of cellulite, and of course women are the most exposed to these reasons due to the difference in their biological composition from men, among these reasons: Genetic predisposition Several studies have shown that women who have more frequent cellulite among family members are more likely to have cellulite. Wrong food diets Following a healthy, complete nutritional diet rich in important nutrients for the body, and containing large amounts of fiber and vitamins, to a great extent protect the possibility of cellulite in the body. Lack of drinking water Water is the main component of the human body, and the lack of drinking water is one of the most important causes of cellulite, as it negatively affects human health in general and also affects the beauty and freshness of the skin and skin elasticity. Overweight It is considered one of the most important reasons that lead to the emergence of cellulite, as the amount of subcutaneous fat increases and appears in a curvy and abnormal form. Lack of exercise It is known that exercise not only helps to lose weight but also works to tighten the skin and give a beautiful appearance to the skin, as it is an important element in maintaining human health. Slow metabolism It is the process of converting nutrients in the bodies of living organisms into energy, and the speed of the metabolism varies from person to person, so slow metabolism in some people works to store a greater amount of fat under the skin, which contributes to the emergence of cellulite. Hormonal changes These are natural changes that occur in the human body - especially women - especially at adulthood, it is very likely that a girl who is not fifteen years of age will suffer from cellulite.  Degrees of cellulite Cellulite is classified into three classes of severity: 1. First degree: it is the least severe and does not express a big problem, as cellulite cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it can be seen by careful examination of the cells under the microscope. 2. The second degree: It is the average case of cellulite infection, and the skin in this case is pale and less elastic than other areas of the body. 3. The third degree: It is the severe case of cellulite, and the skin appears zigzag and uneven, such as orange peel, in addition to the lack of elasticity of the skin.  How to get rid of cellulite Perhaps I have searched a lot for ways to get rid of cellulite, in my cosmetology we will show you the most important methods that can be used from products that can be used at home to the surgeries used to get rid of cellulite. Playing sports Despite the simplicity involved in the term “exercise”, it has amazing results in reducing cellulite and even eliminating it completely in some cases. However, specific exercises must be done for the areas of the body where cellulite appears periodically and continuously, and healthy food and leaving wrong eating habits must coincide with the exercise of these exercises to obtain the best results. You should know that exercising these exercises regularly, then stopping it for a period of time can restore the problem of cellulite and perhaps more than before, so whoever wants to use this method to get rid of cellulite must fully and completely adhere to it for life, and that is what he might find Some are impossible. Creams There are many creams available to different companies and brands on the market that are used to treat cellulite. These creams absorb the subcutaneous fat and smooth and tighten the skin. Topical massages and saunas It is a very traditional and ancient method for improving the appearance of the skin and maintaining moisture and beauty of the skin in general. Massage has been used recently to treat simple cellulite cases of the first and second degrees to improve the appearance of the skin, and manual massage is not used only, but there are some devices that have been developed to make a local massage for the location of cellulite, such as the cylinder

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