Concentrated Hyaluronic Face Serum with complementary Vitamin C Antioxidant
Skin is the most part of the body facing the exterior damaging factors, especially the facial area, causing dryness, roughness and aging. That special serum is formulated in a way to replenish the nutrients for the skin because Hyaluronic acid is most efficient in maintaining the skin’s moisture. It penetrates deep into the dermis, trapping the moisture along with it to give the skin a vibrant, elastic, puffy and healthy texture. Also, the high concentration in this formula revitalizes the cells ensures that skin pores are thoroughly cleansed so the skin will regain its smooth look and soft appearance. The presence of Vitamin C as a helper along with Hyaluronic acid in this serum offers your skin freshness and protection from wrinkles and aging due to oxidative stress.

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